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Fix to annoying UI Global Cool Down

Our class relies heavily on global cool downs. Many of you may have noticed the change in patch 1.1.2 to the animation effect. Personally I found the change pretty annoying. Instead of the grayed out icon with a sliding blue overlay they remained lit up.

This made it difficult to tell which abilities were off cool down, especially in the middle of heated combat when you have a split second to glance at the bar.  The result was repeated waste of time as you hit abilities that weren’t available. It also screwed the finely tuned rotations for many players, especially Watchman speced.

Well Bioware has acknowledge the blunder and has created an option to customize the look of Global Cooldown Animations.  Set to release with 1.1.4, in a couple weeks I’m assuming.  Here are the new options we’ll get.

Incoming changes to 'global cooldown' UI | Star Wars: The Old Republic

via Incoming changes to ‘global cooldown’ UI | Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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