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Jedi Sentinel


Fix to annoying UI Global Cool Down

By JediSent, February 13, 2012 Comments Off News

Our class relies heavily on global cool downs. Many of you may have noticed the change in patch 1.1.2 to the animation effect. Personally I found the change pretty annoying. Instead of the grayed out icon with a sliding blue overlay they remained lit… Read More »

Star Wars: The Old Republic v.s. World of Warcraft? Not that simple

By JediSent, February 13, 2012 Comments Off News

Bioware’s recent announcement of 1.7 million subscribers last week peaked  interest and raised speculation about WoW’s dwindling  subscriber base.  Last Thursday, in Blizzards financial call, CEO Mike Morhaime admitted another 100,000 subscribers pulled the plug. Amounting to a drop in the bucket compared to its massive 10.2 million subscriber… Read More »

By JediSent, February 3, 2012 Comments Off News

There are some new and exciting changes that went live on the public test server on 2/1.  Included are changes specifically to the Jedi Sentinel class as well as some general updates that will sure to boost performance. Jedi Knight… Read More »

By JediSent, January 25, 2012 1 Articles

Watchman Rotation The Sent has been called one of the hardest classes to play.  This is because there’s a lot of abilities to work with as well as global cooldowns, buffs and situational attacks.  Then of course we have to… Read More »

By JediSent, January 24, 2012 Comments Off News

The Jedi Sentinel class’ success in PvP is very closely linked to game performance.  Some argue it’s  more effected by issues such as bad FPS and ability delay than any other class because we need to press more buttons in a shorter… Read More »