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How To Drastically Increase PvP Performance in War Zones

Increasing PvP Star Wars The Old Republic SWOTR

The Jedi Sentinel class’ success in PvP is very closely linked to game performance.  Some argue it’s  more effected by issues such as bad FPS and ability delay than any other class because we need to press more buttons in a shorter time period (especially for Watchmen spec) and have to constantly stay pinned to the target.

The main reason for war zone lag is the amount of game textures  rendering and the inability to limit distance options.  In heated conflict, when spells and abilities from other players  being spammed overwhelms Bioware’s game engine.  I assume this will be addressed in upcoming patches but in the mean time try out these changes:

  1. Start Menu
  2. Type %appdata%
  3. Navigate back to the “appdata” folder
  4. “Local” folder > “SWTOR” folder > “swtor” folder
  5. Click Settings then Client_settings.ini
  6. Reduce the FarClipScale from 1 to “0.75″

You can even go down to .5 however there are some side effects. I noticed decreased graphics during story sequences including missing eye balls on characters.  Many have reported an increase in FPS.

I tried it yesterday and instantly noticed less screen tearing, increased FPS and lag.



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