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Jedi Sentinel

Jedi Sentinel Rotation – Watchman Spec

Jedi Sentinel Watchmen Spec

Watchman Rotation

Jedi Sentinel Watchmen Spec

The Sent has been called one of the hardest classes to play.  This is because there’s a lot of abilities to work with as well as global cooldowns, buffs and situational attacks.  Then of course we have to deal with focus.  Many classes begin with plenty of juice for their abilities, we, on the other hand,  have to build ours as we go.

Charge > Overload Saber
 (0 Focus)- You have to be able to do this in mid air, essentially using the focus you’ve just generated to active Overload before you land. Once you become a master you can even get Rebuke going before you land to help defend when charging into a nasty dog fight.Watchman spec is arguably the most difficult rotation to perform and sustain but, if done properly, can be devastating. Many Sentinels claim Watchman puts up the most DPS due to the burn effects of Overload Saber and Cauterize.  Proper rotation for this spec is very sensitive to poor computer performance so if you’re lagging or experience severe ability delay, consider another route because you have to trigger multiple abilities rapidly.

  1. Zealous Strike -(6 focus) This is an essential focus building attack that will fuel your next couple abilities.
  2. Cauterize – (4 Focus) There might be some disagreement here but I always make Cauterize a priority for a couple reasons. First, the dot does great damage, especially since it stacks an Overload Saber dot as well. Second, for PvP it will slow your opponents down if you have two points in Inflamation (100% chance to slow target by 30% for duration).  With this you don’t have to waste focus or time on a leg slash. In PvP a snare is mandatory at this point.
  3. Blade Storm or Crippling Throw -  (0 focus)At this point you have two stacks of Overload on the target.  Blade storm does great damage, especially on crits. Use Crippling Throw for the debuff if you need to deal with healing.  Both of these are ranged attacks and don’t trigger Overload Saber.
  4. Strike - (2 focusBuild up your focus again and get that third overload saber going. In pvp I’m usually spamming this now to rapidly get my focus up.
  5. Force Stasis – (5 Focus) This is great because they should have 3 ticks of Overload Saber on the target so when you force choke them, they continue to bleed health away while you build up focus.
At this point you have two options.
  1. Merciless Slash - They should be bleeding like a stuck pig now. If you think you can finish the target off, smack them with Merciless Slash. It hits like James Harrison, Steelers D-lineman, and won’t get you flagged for unnecessary roughness. (Thanks for the comments, updated)
  2. Overload Saber – Reapply and begin the cycle over to keep 3 overload sabers going. This works great is you’re fighting a healer or any other hard to take down target, plus your probably  close to 30 stacks of centering for Zen so you can reapply and start getting massive crits.

If done right this will give you just enough time to buff Overload Saber again and strike before the last tick.  If you find that your dots are running out before you have a chance to reapply, throw in Rebuke or Saber Ward in before step 3.  This will give you some padding between melee strikes and the defense is always important to keep up.



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One Comment on "Jedi Sentinel Rotation – Watchman Spec"

  1. Cassiya February 3, 2012 at 11:09 pm -

    What about Merciless Slash?