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Star Wars: The Old Republic v.s. World of Warcraft? Not that simple

Bioware’s recent announcement of 1.7 million subscribers last week peaked  interest and raised speculation about WoW’s dwindling  subscriber base.  Last Thursday, in Blizzards financial call, CEO Mike Morhaime admitted another 100,000 subscribers pulled the plug.

Amounting to a drop in the bucket compared to its massive 10.2 million subscriber base, the drop was slower than the last three quarters hemorage of 1.7 million subscribers.

Morhaime later dismissed the belief that SWTOR was pulling away subscribers from WoW.

So, it would appear that WoW has stopped the bleeding but things are not as simple as they appear.  Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Blizzard launched a major content update, Morhaime referenced this as the reason subscriber loss slowed. So will  loss continue next quarter with out significant content updates? What happens with the release of WoW’s next expansion?
  • There may be a gap in reporting as it would not count subscribers who canceled in mid December, (when SWTOR was released) and we’re still active into January and the 4th quarter.
  • Also, SWTOR’s report  counted subscribers still under the free trial so their next report will be very telling.
So…this would lead me to believe that we really can’t tell what’s going on yet. We’ll have to wait till the next report. At this point, however, most annalists are in agreement; SWTOR made little to no measurable impact on WoW’s subscriber base.



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