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Jedi Sentinel

Upcoming Sentinel Buffs on the Public Test Server – 1.1.2 Patch

Jedi Sentinel Watchman Spec

There are some new and exciting changes that went live on the public test server on 2/1.  Included are changes specifically to the Jedi Sentinel class as well as some general updates that will sure to boost performance.

Jedi Knight - Sentinel

  • Pacify: This ability can no longer be used on Operation Boss enemies.  Whatever…


  • Plasma Blades: Now increases damage dealt by burn effects by 5% per point
    . This is a huge buff from the current 2% per point but 
  • Searing Saber: Now correctly modifies the critical damage dealt by burn effects.  Some in the forums were reporting this skill increasing base damage by 30% total so fixing this will actually lower damage.
  • Changes to Searing Saber and Plasma Blades result in an overall increase in Damage Per Second.  This sounds great on surface but some on the forums are reporting a decrease in base burn damage and crit.
There’s mixed reports based on tests to whether this was actually a buff or not. It seems as though Bioware is trying to balance damage after fixing bugs in Searing Saber.
It’s also interesting that Bioware seems to be buffing Watchman spec despite it being the most popular for dps, especially in PvP.  I wonder what’s in store for the other talent trees, which don’t seem to be on par.
Regardless the most important info my be in the general changes:

  • Improved response time for ability activation requests in low-framerate situations.
  • Implemented further improvements to ability responsiveness and client-side anticipation of ability executions.
  • The activation bar now appears at the correct time (when the activation of an ability begins) and disappears when activation is complete.
  • Abilities on cooldown are now more easily distinguished from abilities that can be used.

The Jedi Sent, especially in Watchmen spec, took a giant leap forward with the recent performance improvements.  This class is so sensitive to FPS and ability delay that any improvements to the games system/engine will provide amazing benefits.



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